Diet Foods to Avoid

7 Jul

weight loss diets for women With weight gain and obesity on the rise, despite a weight loss industry that is as buoyant as it has ever been, there are some very simple steps in diet change that you can make to turn things around for yourself and instead of constantly being dismayed at the rising numbers on your bathroom scales, you can watch them tumble with very little effort. Of course there does need to be some effort on your part and that will come in the form of building up a resistance to the temptation to put some food item into your mouth that you know full well you should not!go to for more details.

Here are some ideas that will help you to avoid loading up with excess calories that you don’t need without making it too much of a tough time on yourself. It’s all about compromise and if you can’t eliminate certain foods completely, then at least put some effort into cutting them down a lot and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results when you get back on the scales after a week, or two weeks, a month or more.

Sweet Foods

Sweet foods are often the toughest to give up, especially if you were one of those kids who were never allowed to have more than a small amount of any sweet thing and then vowed that when you grew up you would buy your own and eat the whole thing! Plenty of adults will buy and eat a whole tub of ice cream, a whole cake or a whole packet of cookies not because they want to, but because of a promise they made to themselves when they were only allowed to have maybe one or two of those cookies from the pack as kids that when they were adults, they would eat as much as they wanted and no one could tell them they couldn’t. This is a change that you will have to make and a promise that has become a habit your will have to break if you want to get back into some nice looking clothes and throw out the tent size dresses and tee shirts that you try in vain to hide your unsightly and growing their latest comment for more details.

If you hate to go without your favorite cakes or cookies, don’t cut them out completely, but limit yourself to maybe one cookie or one small slice of cake per day. If you can do this, you will be cutting down on the day’s calorie count by quite a lot, but you will also have to make changes in other areas of your diet to compensate even for that one calorie laden treat. Tell yourself it is worth it to still be able to satisfy your sweet tooth without busting the scales.

Processed Foods

Many women lead busier lives than they used to and that means less time for doing things in the house if there are quicker alternatives available. One of those quick alternatives that is slowly killing America and other Western countries is the kind of foods that need little or no preparation or cooking, better known as processed foods, ready meals, TV dinners, or whatever you want to call them. They often come frozen or fresh from the chilled cabinet in the supermarket and all you need to do is microwave (or heat up in a regular oven) and serve.

Sure, they save time but at what cost?

The cost is to your (and your family’s) health. These processed foods are often crammed full of artificial additives that do who knows what damage to your (and your children’s) body, are laden with salt, refined sugar, saturated fats and high GI carbohydrates while often containing few useful nutrients (most are destroyed in the processing) and almost no dietary fiber. They are also generally high in calories which all means more fat being stored in your body and a new set of heavy duty bathroom scales because your old ones don’t go up that far!

The solution is to ditch the processed meals and foods and replace then with fresh produce. Fresh vegetables (not frozen ones in a packet), lean meats or fish and salad items along with fresh fruit is absolutely the way to go to improve health and reduce weight.

Does that mean I have to cook?

You bet it does! If you don’t have time, then make time. Is your health and that of your kids not worth that little extra effort? Well, isn’t it? Of course it is! If you can’t cook, then learn how to. Be proactive and do something positive to get your life and the lives of your family back on track or you’ll eat your way into an early grave. Worse is you may also sentence your kids to life of taunting and bullying because of their weight and a bleak future of having to wear the same outsize dresses and tee shirts as you do.


If you are drinking soda, even the low calorie or diet variety, then stop now. Soda is poison to your body. It is full of sugar (and if not, then harmful artificial sweeteners which are even worse) and is totally bad for your health and your weight. If you think drinking diet soda is okay, think again. The artificial sweetener, aspartame, which most of these drinks contain has a property that causes the brain to think you are hungry. So it may not directly add calories to your daily intake, but it will make you feel like snacking on foods that sure will! Add to the other dangers of consuming aspartame which are amply reported on (just Google “dangers of aspartame”) which include a propensity to cause cellular damage right down to DNA level, cancer and hypertension to name but a few.

Apartame contains wood alcohols that are unstable at temperatures above 87 degrees Fahrenheit and their chemical composition changes to produce formaldehyde (a known carcinogen and the main ingredient in embalming fluid). Remember that normal body temperature is around 97 degrees Fhrenhei, so as soon as the temperature of the diet soda you just drank is raised to meet that, you are in trouble. The manufacturers of the stuff don’t tell you that, of course.

White Bread and Pasta

White bread and pasta (and other foods made from refined white flour) contain no dietary fiber or useful nutrients and are therefore just empty calories. They are defined as high GI (Glycemic Index) carbohydrates that have the unfortunate property of loading the bloodstream with a fast burst of sugars. This rapid burst of sugar is countered in the body by the release of insulin, which is a substance that is designed to regulate and normalize blood sugar levels. In the process of doing that, the excess sugars are carried out of the bloodstream to be converted to storable fats, which are stored predominantly in the belly as visceral fat (belly fat). Belly fat is a known problem as it triggers certain cancers, hypertension, high (LDL or “bad”) cholesterol levels and coronary disease.

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This can be avoided to a certain extent by switching to wholemeal (wholegrain) breads and brown pasta, but is better to cut down or eliminate these from your diet if you can. Whole grain flour contains all the nutrients and importantly, the dietary fiber of the wheat grains, or bran and this is beneficial to health as it promotes a healthy colon and helps flush out dangerous toxins from the body that would otherwise build up to dangerous levels. A healthy colon is also responsible for better digestion and therefore less fat storage and more active metabolism, which in turn leads to better use of the calories that you consume in your food.

Improving your healthy by getting a better and more healthy diet is such an important factor in maintaining a healthy body weight that it makes sense to take that little extra time for yourself to do things the right way. Weight loss begins by a making changes to unhealthy habits and a change in diet is the first step towards achieving this important aspect in your life.

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